Miniature Golden Retrievers




Striving for happy healthy puppies


Here at Mini Golden Paws we breed miniature golden retrievers.  We are located in the a valley know as "The Seed Heart of America" in Melba, Idaho.  We live in a small town where we are able to care for our dogs in a variety of ways.  We have lots of room to go for walks/runs, swim, lots of family time and lots socializing.  Our dogs are part of our family......they go where we go!

Is a Miniature Golden Retriever the right dog for you?  


Miniature Golden Retriever characteristics:


A Miniature Golden Retriever is mix between a golden retriever, an American or English cocker spaniel, cavalier and sometimes Poodle. 


It has been proven by mixing this combination of dogs it can drastically reduce many health problems.  We only choose quality breeding stock for our breeding program.  Our breeding dogs are genetically tested for 191 different genetic defects through Embark.  We also do OFA certification.  It is our priority to produce only the healthiest puppies and best genetics!  We want all of our dogs to live long, happy, health lives.

Personality of a Miniature Golden Retriever

There's a lot of reason why golden retrievers are so popular and why people want a miniature version of them. For many, they are an ideal dog breed. Friendly, easy going and clever, they make great family pets for most families.

Mini Golden's  have such stable and consistent temperaments they're often used as therapy dogs.


Golden retrievers are bred to be intelligent, friendly,  eager to please, easy to train, and  incredibly loyal companions.  They are also irresistibly cute!


Mini Golden's are very inquisitive and love to explore and play.  They also love the water and to play fetch.

Size of a Miniature Golden Retriever

We use to help guestimate the size of your puppy.  We cannot guarantee the size of your puppy but we do the best we can.  Another way we can guestimate the size is from previous litters.