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Upcoming litters & Available puppies


Penny's puppies born August 22.  Go Home October 17th.   Estimated adult size is 30-40 lbs

59.6% Golden Retriever

26.3% Cocker Spaniel

13.9% Poodle

***3 available***

"Royal Litter" on Instagram/Facebook


English cream golden retriever

Elsie is due November 6th.  Puppies go home first week of January.  If you love cream puppies you will love this litter.  

Estimated adult weight is 30-40 lbs

59% Golden Retriever

28% Cocker Spaniel

14% Poodle

1. Reserved

2. Reserved

3. Reserved

4. Available

5. Available


Price: $4000

Golden Cocker Retriever

Benelli is expected to have puppies in December, go home Feb/Mar.  Estimated adult weight is 30-40 lbs

61.75% Golden Retriever

38.25% Cocker Spaniel


Price: $4000

Puppies are sold as pets only

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