Available puppies

Golden retriever

Penny x oscar


Penny is expected to come into heat in February for April Puppies.  These puppies will be the "perfect" size.  Puppies will be light gold to cream colored.

Estimated adult size

25-30 lbs

16" Tall

Price $4000

comfort retrievers

Ruthie x oscar

Ruthie is expected to come into heat in March for May puppies.  We are so excited about these puppies.  This combo is going to be exceptional!  Gold, light gold, and cream colored puppies are expected.

Estimated adult size

25-30 lbs

15-16" tall

Price $4000

sadie x oakley

Sadie is due December 8th.  Puppies will be light to moderate shedding.  Estimated adult weight it 40-50lbs, 17-23" tall.

Puppies will be:

81% Golden Retriever

19% Cocker Spaniel

Price:$ 3,000

lazy dog

kimber x oakley

Kimber is due January 12th.  Puppies likely to be low shedding.  Estimated adult weight 40-50lbs, 17-23" tall


Puppies will be 

60% Golden Retriever

20% Poodle

20% Cocker Spaniel

Price: $3,000


****Puppies are sold as Pets Only****