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what comes with my puppy?


Lifetime Support and Friendship

We care about our puppies and want the best for them.  We want you to feel comfortable to call us with your questions or problems. 


1. 2 Year Health Guarantee           4. Toy                                                                       7. Lifetime Support & Friendship       

2. Collar & Leash                            5. Puppy information to set you up for success   8. 30 of Free Pet insurance through Trupanion

3. Blanket that smells like mom    6. Vaccinations/ Deworming/ Medical Records    9. 2 days worth of food





Dog Food

We believe what we feed our dogs is a huge factor in their overall health.  Our 2 year health guarantee is available for those puppy buyers who keep their puppy on PawTree Nutritional Dog food without a lapse in feeding schedule.  The buyer will need to buy their food through PAWTREE  so the breeder has verification/record that the puppy has in fact been on a healthy food diet. If you choose a different dog food we will honor a 1 year health guarantee.


2Year Health Guarantee 

If within two (2) years of the dog's birthdate, the dog is found to have a genetic life-threatening/shortening defect.  The puppy will be replaced with another puppy, when available at breeder's discretion, for the original purchase price, same sex, and type of dog, not including shipping costs, taxes and health certificate, veterinarian costs, shipping crate or any addition costs or expenses incurred or asserted by purchaser in connection with the puppy. We do not pay veterinarian costs.  Genetic defects must be proved by a veterinarian of breeders choice at owner's expense.  Unknown causes of death will not be guaranteed even with a vet suspicion of the cause, the cause must be proven.  Guarantee does not cover Parvo, vet bills, parasites, accidental death, life-threatening injuries, neglect or abuse.  Since breeder as no control of puppy's environment or lifestyle once it leaves the kennel, all health issues will be the responsibility of the puppy owner.  We do not cover hip dysplasia.  Hip dysplasia can be caused by other factors including vaccines.  We do not cover fixable defects that do not shorten life such as but not limited to under bites, umbilical hernias, un-descended testicles.  We do not guarantee any physical problem that is known to the buyer before you purchase the puppy.  Breeder cannot guarantee size on your puppy.  Breeder does their best to estimate size but it is in fact an estimate.

Return Policy

We understand that life happens, living situations change, work transfers etc.  If for any reason you feel that you can not care for your puppy/dog you can always return it to us.  We don't want to see any of our puppies end up in a shelter.  This will be on a surrender basis only with no refund or credit.  Owner will then give up all ownership rights to breeder.

Puppies are sold as pets only

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