Health testing

  • OFA certified Hips/Elbows/Heart

  • Embark Genetics clear on all diseases tested for


Disco is always the center of attention, she hates being left out.  She loves everyone who comes over.  She is very loyal, plays fetch, loves water, diving,  and loves being a mother. Disco loves riding on the 4 wheeler and riding in the tractor.  Disco is Embark Genetic Tested and OFA Certified  

65 lbs. 

23" Tall


Sadie is very friendly and has great confirmation.  She loves to swim, go for hikes, and trail along with the horses on our horse rides.  She will be the first one to greet you at the door.  She looks like she has a smile on her face all of the time.  I love this about her.  Sadie is Embark Genetic Tested and OFA Certified.

65 lbs.

23" Tall  

Health testing

  • OFA Certified Hips/Heart

  • Embark Genetics clear on all diseases tested for


Willow is such a sweet loving dog.  She loves to go for runs, loves water, snuggling, and gets along with everyone.  She knows no stranger.  Willow is a very neat and tidy dog.  She teaches her pups to be the same way.  She is very sweet natured.  She is very intelligent and picks up on things very quickly.  She has the TT gene for lower shedding.  She is Embark Genetic Tested clear of 191 different variants. 

58 lbs.

23" Tall

Health testing

  • Embark Genetics clear on all diseases tested for



Harley is an outside stud we are lucky to have found.  Harely comes from multiple champions in his pedigree.    He is PRA tested clear.  Harely has outstanding pups that are very personable and intelligent.  There is not a mean bone in his body and loves everyone.  He is great with kids and is a very loyal companion. 

14.5 " Tall

22 lbs


Buddy is an outside stud.  We are so excited to produce pups out of him.  He is such a special dog!  He is very playful, obedient, trainable and loves people.  He is embark genetic tested clear of all diseases tested for.

19" Tall

40 lbs

Embark tested clear of all diseases tested for


Jamie Hafen



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