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Petite Golden Retriever


"Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong." ---Unknown



Ruthie is Retiring!  What a gem she has been.  We love her and all of the beautiful puppies she brought into the world.  Ruthie is a second generation mini golden retriever. She is the sweetest thing you will ever meet.  He has excellent conformation,laid back, and loves to be brushed.  She wants to be your best friend.  Ruthie is health tested, Penn Hip, OFA Heart/Hips/Elbows.

55.7% Golden Retriever

44.3% Cocker Spaniel

31 lbs

15" Tall



Penny is retiring and will stay living with her amazing gaurdian home..  She has been such a blessing and blessed so many families with the best mini goldens.  We love her and will miss having puppies from her.  Penny has a very silky coat and carries the TT gene for LIGHT/MODERATE SHEDDING.  Penny's a second generation mini golden retriever.  She is always happy and has moderate energy.  Penny lives in our wonderful guardian home.  Penny is genetic health tested, Penn hip/OFA hips, elbows, heart
64.3% Golden Retriever
35.7% Cocker Spaniel
33 lbs
16" tall


comfort retriever


Annie is a multigen mini golden retriever.  She is very laid back and happy to snuggle in your lap and watch a movie or get up and play fetch.  She is very athletic and has great conformation.  Annie is health tested through embark, OFA heart/Elbows/hips and Penn Hip

55% Golden Retriever

45% Cavalier

18.4 lbs

13" Tall


Benelli makes a great lap dog.  She loves be right next to you at all times.  She loves the water and everything about it.  She is very friendly and comes running if she sees you.  Benelli carries the TT gene for LOW SHEDDING.  Benelli is health tested through Embark, OFA Heart/Elbow/Hips and Penn Hip
50 % Golden Retriever
50% Cocker Spaniel
27 lbs
15" Tall 


Indie is out of Willow (now retired) and Oakley (now retired).  She is a special little dog.  She has a very playful personality and lives to play fetch.  She loves to dive and snorkle.  We say she is part fish for how much she LOVES the water.  Indie lives in one of our amazing guardian homes. Indie has the TT gene for LOW SHEDDING. Health tested through Emark

83.9%  Golden Retriever

16.1% Cocker spaniel

49 lbs

21" tall


Rosie is out of Willow (now retired) and Oscar.  She does not know a stranger.  Everyone is her bestie. She has a playful personality that you can't resist.  She loves to play fetch and loves water.  She is health tested through embark.  Penn hip & OFA Elbows/hips/patella/heart

79.5% Golden Retriever

11% Small Poodle

9.5% Cocker Spaniel

17" Tall




Zuri is very small and petite.  Her beautiful brown eyes are very captivating.  She has a fun happy personality.  She carries the TT gene for LOW SHEDDING.  She is health tested through embark.

77.3% Cocker Spaniel

22.7% Small Poodle

14" Tall

23 lbs

Mini Golden Retriever


 Molly is as sweet as they come.  She loves to be right by your side in everything we are doing.  She lives in a guardian home that has a yong child.  Molly has great mothering instinct even for her humans.  Molly is health tested through Embark.

50% Golden Retriever

38.7% Cocker Spaniel

11.3% Poodle

27 lbs

future mamas 2024-25


Basil is a full golden with a beautiful light golden coat.   She loves going for walks and is very good off leash.  She is confident and loves to meet new people.  She is health tested through Embark.  

100% Golden Retriever

35.6 lbs

19" tall

Golden Cavalier

June Bug

June bug is the perfect little couch potato.  She fits perfectly in my lap.  She loves life and going new places.  Her parents are Annie & Maverick.  She is health tested through Embark and is low Shedding!

65.7% Golden Retriever

19.5% Cavalier

14.8% Cocker Spaniel

15 lbs

13" tall

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