Disco is always the center of attention, she hates being left out.  She loves everyone who comes over.  She is very loyal, plays fetch, loves water, diving,  and loves being a mother. Disco loves riding on the 4 wheeler and riding in the tractor.  Disco is AKC full golden Retriever.  Disco is Embark Genetic Tested clear on all diseases tested for and OFA Certified Hips/Elbows/Heart  
65 lbs. 
23" Tall


Sadie is very friendly and has great confirmation.  She loves to swim, go for hikes, and trail along with the horses on our horse rides.  She will be the first one to greet you at the door.  She looks like she has a smile on her face all of the time.  I love this about her.  Sadie is AKC full golden retriever.  Sadie is Embark Genetic Tested clear on all disease tesed for and OFA Certified Heart/Hips.
65 lbs.
23" Tall  

Golden retriever


Penny has a very silky coat and carries the TT gene for light to moderate shedding.  She is always happy and has moderate energy.  Penny lives in our wonderful guardian home.  Penny is genetic health tested, Penn hip/OFA hips, elbows, heart
64.3% Golden Retriever
35.7% Cocker Spaniel
16" tall


English cream
best mini golden breeder


Ruthie is the sweetest thing you will ever meet.  He has excellent conformation,laid back, and loves to be brushed.  She wants to be your best friend.  Ruthie is health tested, Penn Hip, OFA Heart/Hips/Elbows.

55.7% Golden Retriever

44.3% Cocker Spaniel

30 lbs

15" Tall



Annie is very laid back and happy to snuggle in your lap and watch a movie or get up and play fetch.  She is very athletic and has great confirmation.  Annie is health tested through embark, OFA heart/Elbows/hips and Penn Hip

55% Golden Retriever

45% Cavalier

18.4 lbs

13" Tall

petite golden retriever

Kimber is genetic tested clear on all diseases tested for, penn hip OFA Hips/Elbows.  She is non-shedding which is a great addition to our breeding program.  Kimber loves to cuddle.  Her favorite thing to play with is ice cubes.


58.8% Golden Retriever

41.2% Poodle


23" tall



Lexi is a gem!  She does not shed at all.  She is the most athletic dog.  She has a very sweet, caring and loving personality.  She wants to mother all puppies.  She has a natural ability to nuture.  Lexi is 26% Golden retriever and 74% Poodle.  Lexi is health tesed, Penn Hip, OFA Elbows/Heart/Hips

26% Golden Retriever

74% Poodle

31 lbs

17" Tall






Oscar is such a joy to be around.  He is the most happy boy.  He loves everyone he sees.  He loves to swim, play hide and seek with my kids, and go for walks.  Oscar is health tested, Penn Hip, and OFA heart/Elbows/Hips/Patella


54.9% Golden Retriever

27.7% Poodle

17.4% Cocker Spaniel


16" Tall




Oakley is Embark genetic tested.  He is a carrier of CDDY/IVDD & PRA 1 and NOT affected.  We are very careful to not breed Oakley to another carrier.  He loves to be brushed, play in the water, affectionate and is always happy. 


61.7% Golden Retriever

38.3% Cocker Spaniel


17 " tall

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