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Treats & Grooming

Updated: Jan 23

 I'm thrilled to share with you some of my absolute favorite grooming and treat essentials that have become necessay in caring for our beloved Mini Goldens.


We love the freeze dried treast from PawTree. They have many flavors that are simply irresistable to your dog. The treats are not only delicious but also prioritize wholesome ingredients for our pets' well-being. Each treat is only 8 calories. Being low in calories there is no need to worry about over feeding. These treats are great for training because they can break into many small pieces. A few treats go a long way. Your pup will be begging to do more tricks for more treats.

  1. Duck and Mango- They are a blend of high-quality meat & fruits dogs crave. Easily broken into small pieces ideal to use for training treats.

2. Bully Sticks- These are great for puppy teething, heavy chewers, 100% digestable, and are a long lasting chew for your dog.

3. Yak Cheese- This is a great chew to keep dental hygiene in check. It's like using a natural toothbrush. It is also great mental stimulation satisfying their natural desire to chew.

4. Canned Chicken- If you want the next level of assertiveness use canned chicken. This is a great "High Value" treat. You will find your dog having laser focus on you.


  1. Retriever Large Combo Pet Brush- I love this brush because it has 2 sides. One side for getting deep into the fur and the other side for smoothing the fur. I have found these brushes at Tractor Supply.

2. Furminator- This brush is great for effectively reducing shedding. It has small teeth that removes loose undercoat without damaging the topcoat. Found on Amazon.

3. Slicker Brush- During the shedding season this brush really gets deep into the undercoat, helping to reduce all the unwanted hair. Found on Amazon


  1. Fresh Spring Petals Shampoo/Coditioner- This Shampoo & Conditioner has a delightful scent that leaves your pet smelling so good, you will want them to be sitting in your lap. Very gentle on their skin. Found on PawTree

2. Cowboy Magic- Using the cowboy magic shampoo and conditioner leaves you dogs coat very soft and shiny. The rosewater scent smells nice. Found on Amazon.

3. Dawn Dish Soap- Yep! That is right, regular dish soap. This is a favorite for those times that your dog gets "really" dirty or gets something on them you just can't get off. It is very gentle on the skin.

I hope you enjoy your grooming sessions and treat-filled moments with your fluffy companions!

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