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What Is Happening?

I thought it would be fun to give you a little insight and education on what is happening in our puppy's lives from 0-14 days old. I love my miniature golden retrievers and want the best for my puppies. What does that mean? I have to do my part to give them a good foundation and care to set them up for success. I want you and your puppy to succeed when they come home to you.

Neonatal Period (0-14 Days)

Starting at day 1- This is one of the best days, but can also be a little stressful for me as a breeder. Making sure mama is taking good care of puppies: Keeping them warm, nursing, cleaning them properly and comfortable.

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

ENS is done from 3-16 days old. Puppies go through 5 exercises that involve gentle stressors to the puppy for short periods of time. ENS helps stimulate the neurological system, which improves the growth and development of the puppy's immune system, cardiovascular system and stress tolerance. I believe this makes "super puppies". Here are the 5 exercises preformed:

1.Head Held Erect

Hold puppy upright for 3-5 seconds

2. Head Pointed Down

Hold puppy securely with both hands so its head is upside down and pointed downward for 3-5 seconds

3. Supine Position

Hold puppy on its back with its muzzle facing the ceiling and its back resting in the palm of your hands 3-5 seconds

4. Tactile Stimulation

Rub puppy's feet and in between each toe, either with your finger or and q-tip

5. Thermal Stimulation

Place puppy on a frozen ice pack for 3-5 seconds


While mama dog does the majority of the grooming at this age. I still need to intervene occasionally. Those puppy nails are very sharp. I want mama to stay comfortable while nursing. It is very important for me to check puppy nails and keep them clipped as needed.

If mama has a hard time keeping the pups clean, I will give a short warm bath to the puppies. I want to keep the whelping area as clean as possible so puppies immune systems can develop and grow properly. Puppies cannot regulate their own body tempeture at this age so it is very important to have a warm place for them to get dry.


Have you noticed most puppies are born with pink noses and pink pads of their feet? Within a few short days those noses & feet on our mini goldens begin to change pigment to black. It is fun to see the change each day.


This is of course my favorite time. Puppy cuddles are the best. I keep the puppy close to my heart. There is something about them feeling my heart beat that helps them feel safe & relax. As you know the puppy can't see or hear at this age. They rely on their excellent sense of smell. Cuddle time is designed to be soothing and in a stroking motion. Stroking and touching the puppy helps relax and not stress the puppy out. I are forming and developing that special bond between human and fur baby. I always want it to be a good experience for them.

I hope you enjoyed your short little read about my puppies first couple of weeks of life!


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