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Mini Golden Retriever for sale


"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he lovs himself."--Josh Billings

Miniature golden retriever sire


Maverick is exactly what you want in a mini golden retriever .  He is the most loyal dog you will ever meet.  He is very human focused, loves to carry things around in his mouth, friendly to everyone, wants to be in your pocket.  He has the very typical golden love. He has a way of making you feel like you are the most important person in the world.  Ellie & Oakley are Maverick's parents.

Maverick is Embark genetic tested clear, OFA heart, Patella, Hips, Elbows & Penn Hip certified.

36 lbs

17" Tall

73.5% Golden Retriever

26.5% Cocker Spaniel


Titan is a true gem.  He has a classy golden retriever look with beautiful feathering on his legs and tail.  He is a love bug that you will fall in love the minute you meet him.  He has a happy go lucky attitude and wants to please.  Titan is embark genetic tested.  Penn Hip, & OFA Heart/Elbow/Hips/Patella.

25 lbs 

16" tall

50% Golden Retriever

37.8% Cocker Spaniel

12.2% Poodle

Comfort Retriever



Oscar is a mini golden retriever.  He is such a joy to be around.  He is the most happy boy.  He loves everyone he sees.  He loves to swim, go on hikes and he is some much fun to go camping with.  Oscar is embark genetic tested and has Penn Hip, and OFA heart/Elbows/Hips/Patella


30 lbs

16" Tall

54.9% Golden Retriever

27.7% Poodle

17.4% Cocker Spaniel

Golden Cavalier poodle


Graham is a little fella.  He has a sweet charming & deligtful nature.  His favorite thing to do is chase a tennis ball.  He is a real snuggler & will cuddle righ up on your lap.  He has the TT gene for Low Shedding.  Graham is embark genetic tested. 


15" Tall

67.3% Golden Retriever

20.2% Small Poodle

12.5% Cavalier

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