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Mini Golden paws

We are among the top 7 most Reputable breeder in America for Miniature Golden Retrievers.  Check the articles out below.


Jamie at Mini Golden Paws made our first puppy experience seamless and lovely experience. I searched countless websites and made so many phone calls trying to find the perfect breeder for our newest addition but talking to her on the phone I knew it was a perfect fit! Weekly we got updates on how our puppy was growing and developing. And got lots of guidance and advice from jaime on how to prepare to bring pup home!
Kona (previously Sky) is a perfect and adorable puppy. You can tell she was well adjusted and happy when she joined our home because it took no time at all for her to bond with us and start following us around the house wanting to help with every chore and cuddle at our feet while we work. Jaime was such an awesome person to work with also and you can tell she genuinely loves the dogs and what she does which is the special sauce to making amazing dogs!
If you’re considering a mini golden please consider Mini Golden Paws! We also get compliments from strangers constantly on how cute our puppy is.  Ashely D.


I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Jamie and her crew! Jamie always kept everyone well informed of what was going on and how the pups were doing. The time and energy she and her family spent with the puppies on socializing and preparing them for their new homes, was so evident when we brought our Falu home. He has done exceptionally well and I contribute it all to his initial few weeks with Jamie!! I could not be more pleased with the whole experience and our Falu has started his journey well prepared. Now we just have to continue with that dedication!!! Highly Highly recommend Mini Golden Paws!!!  Debra L.

golden retriever

She is the best breeder we encountered among many. The entire experience was just seamless and amazing!
She was extremely prompt in her responses, shared the details of the progress, sent us weekly pics, hassle free experience of choosing the puppy. Even after we got our puppy, she helped us out with any questions we had. The puppy has been doing great and is exactly what we needed. I would highly recommend Jamie!  Amit J.


Such an amazing breeder - Jamie is thoughtful and caring with the puppies and thinks of every detail for you and the dogs. She communicates weekly with updates, photos, videos, and was available at any time for our questions or just to let us FaceTime our puppy. She is truly wonderful to work with! The best breeder. Could not be happier with the care of and health of our sweet dog.    Shannon C. 


Mini Golden Paws is the most loving, positive and unique puppy adoption experience I have ever had. I was very picky about adopting a puppy and immediately felt very comfortable with my decision to adopt from Mini Golden Paws. Jamie was very attentive to my questions and provided consistent updates about the puppies. She went above and beyond and I really appreciated the pictures she posted regularly. It was great fun to anticipate a weekly photo of the puppies! I was able to share with friends and family and it made the adoption so special. Jamie created a community of the adopting parents and it was very cool to be part of the experience. Jamie and everyone at Mini Golden Paws clearly put great care and love into raising high quality and well-tempered puppies. My puppy is very healthy, gorgeous, smart, sweet and easy-going. Mini Golden Paws put a lot of time and energy into exposing the puppies to new things so that they were well-adjusted and socialized. Mini Golden Paws helps create families. My puppy is a big part of my family and I am forever grateful. I would highly recommend Mini Golden Paws to anyone looking for a high quality puppy and puppy adoption experience. Thank you Mini Golden Paws for my new treasured family member.   Erika W.


To say Jamie made my experience a once in a lifetime experience would be an understatement. I believe that puppies find you, but I also think people do as well. Jamie took a chance on me being a newer dog owner, and I am so blessed that she did. She was so responsive, and took such amazing care of Mint Chip ~ now Magnolia. We are two weeks in, Magnolia knows how to sit, sleeps through the night, is AMAZING with children, and loves people. She is taking us wherever the people are. Not only did Jamie take wonderful care of her while she was in Idaho, but she made the trip to NJ so seamless and special for my family and I. If I could get a 100 puppies over, I would want every single one from her and her family. I truly do not think anything could top this special experience. I am so lucky she chose me to have one of her own. I keep in touch with Jamie, and she continues to help guide me through the ups and downs of parenting a pup. If you are ever considering going through a breeder, there truly is no better one than Jamie, she is well worth the wait!  Meghan V.

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