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Does your dog get car sick?

We are here to help you! First things first, let's understand what motion sickness in dogs is all about. Just like some humans, certain dogs can experience nausea, vomiting, drooling, and other discomforts when they're in a moving vehicle or on a boat. It's not uncommon, and thankfully, there are ways we can ease their discomfort.

Dog motion sickness is primarily seen in puppies because the ear structure used for balance isn't entirely developed in young dogs and puppies. We also need to give them good experiences in car, sometimes without the car even moving.

How to prevent car sickness?

Lets break it down into steps to ensure your puppy is off to a good start. We want our puppies to learn that car rides can bring joy and adventure.

Step 1

Get in the back seat with your puppy. Leave the doors open and don't even turn the car on. Give a few treats and then get out and praise your puppy. We want our puppy to associate the car with being a fun great place to be.

Step 2

The next day get in the car again with your puppy but have the car turned on. Only stay in for 3-5 minutes. Give treats and praise your puppy.

Step 3

Take a short 5 minute drive

Step 5

It is time for your first car ride with a destination. Choose somewhere close to home (around 10 Minutes away) The desination should be something your dog enjoys when they get their. This way is give him a good experience and will make him excited to go again.

Tips for preventing car sickness

  • Place the dog in the middle seat so they will look forwar instead of watching out the widow. Everything happens faster when they are looking out the window.

  • Roll the widow down for fresh air

  • Turn on some cool air

  • Restrict food intake

  • Bring a favorite toy

**If none of these ideas work, seek your vets help. Your dog may need a perscription to help with nausia.

Remember, patience and empathy are key when helping your dog overcome motion sickness. It might take some trial and error to find the right approach that works for them, but with your love and support, they'll be wagging their tails happily on future adventures in no time.

Happy travels, everyone!

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