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Fun Games To Play With Your Miniature Golden Retriever

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Happy Mini Golden Retriever sitting in the grass.

  1. Tug-o-war - This is a great game for brain stimulus as well as physical. Using a sturdy rope for this game is best. This is a good game for teamwork and mental endurance, tug of war improves fitness and even confidence in you as their pet parent.

  2. Puzzle Toys - Min goldens are very intelligent. Giving them a game to find treats is always a hit. Fill a Kong toy with peanut butter, greek plain yogart, ez cheeze or kibble. Watch them as they try to figure out how to get that treat! This is great brain stimulation.

  3. Fetch - This is definely a favorite for mini goldens. They love tennis balls, sticks, toys, and pretty much anything that can be retrieved. This will provide them with exersise, helping them bond with you, and gives them a chance to use their natural instincts.

  4. Wrestle - Wrestle with your pup. Drop to the floor and roll around with your pup. This is so much fun and your pup will love you for it. You might be able to sneak some hugs and kisses in. Be careful not to do it with young children, as it can get a little "exciting" sometimes can wind your pup up. Just remember to bring them down to a calm state before quiting to help reinforce it is just play. Give them some soft stokes on the ears and some good belly rubs.

  5. Hide & Seek - Start by hiding in easy to "find you" places, like behind the furniture. Then as your dog gets good at that, progress into another room. Use the same words to come find you.

Did you know that mental stimulation will actually tire your dog out 10x faster that a walk would. When your pup gets the Zoomies, grab their favorite treats (canned Chicken is a favorite) and spend 10 minutes working on a new trick.

Though taking your pup for walks is great try trick training and watch your pup change into the best trained dog in your neighborhood.

Not only are games fun to play with your dog, but they can be helpful in their learning and development.

Reasons to play games with your mini golden retriever:

Mentally stimulating

Physically stimulating

Bond building between you and your dog

Teaching them good behavior

Most important have fun with your dog!

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